PURMAQ started its activities as a representative and distributor of Polyurethane systems in February 2004.
Since that year, it has expanded its market, based on its international strategic partnerships and its entrepreneurial spirit.
We are present in all parts of the country and Northern Spain.
The sectors where we develop and design most often are:
► Cooling
► Panels
► Furniture
► Water heaters
► Solar Panels
► Projection / Spray
► Refrigerated pipelines
► Coating
► Mattresses and Frames
► Toilets
► Polyester Industry
But we are available to help your business idea with our know-how about everything that involves POLYURETHANE!

Agent / Distributor of rigid and flexible polyurethane systems, pigmented pastes and adhesives.

Agent / Distributor of equipment for the polyurethanes, polyesters and adhesives industry.

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